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Siu-Wing Lau

  • VP & Product GM, Semiconductor Solutions Segment
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Mr. Lau, Vice President and Product General Manager in Semi Solutions Segment, is responsible for developing High Precision Bonding and “Pick & Place” Solutions for Advanced Packaging. Mr. Lau has more than 30 years of experiences in developing various types of equipment, including, IC die bonding system, CMOS image sensor bonding system and flip chip bonding system. Mr Lau holds a Master degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong.

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ASM Pacific Technology Ltd (ASMPT) – The Total Interconnect Company

In the age of “More Than Moore”, heterogeneous integration of chiplets using various Advanced Packaging methods is in the center stage of the packaging industry. The innovations in Advanced Packaging bring along with many different packaging interconnect solutions that require new and/or improved equipment capability to realize such solutions. For example, with the advance of wafer node to 3~5nm, the interconnect bump size and bump pitch keeps shrinking to 10um arena and beyond. That drives the bonding equipment to improve die placement accuracy to be better than 1um, as compare to 10um as the requirement for mass reflow.

ASMPT is a key equipment supplier having the widest product portfolio in Advanced Packaging with total interconnect capability, with film interconnect, first level (die to substrate) and second level interconnect (package to PCB). In ASMPT, we are determined to collaborate with our customers and partners to offer the best-in-class interconnect equipment solutions to address their needs in a timely manner. We are happy to share more with this presentation.

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